zaterdag 1 mei 2010

Beyond Words (1981)

In April 1981 Fab 5 Freddy curated an exhibition with Keith Haring and Futura 2000 in the Mudd Club called "Beyond Words: Graffiti Based-Rooted-Inspired Works". At the opening he brought in the Cold Crush Brothers, Fantastic Freaks and Bambaataa's Jazzy Five MC's to perform. This is claimed to be the first time Downtown and Uptown were brought together.

One month later Freddy was booked on Henry Chalfant's "Graffiti Rock" performance with Rock Steady Crew at Common Ground gallery in SoHo (not to be confused with Holman's Graffiti Rock TV show pilot). That show was cancelled due to violence, but was rescheduled in October 1981 at another venue called "The Kitchen".

Here Fab 5 is talking about the Beyond Words show and his meeting with Keith Haring.

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